Why You Shouldn't Mourn The Death Of A Loved One | Neale Donald Walsch

  • Uploaded on 27 Okt 2017

    This video can alter your entire experience of a loved one departing their physical expression. In this video, Neale Donald Walsch explain that you don’t have to mourn death because death isn’t real. Learn more with Neale's free Masterclass here👉

    Death is a fiction, it doesn’t exist.

    Death cannot occur in the experience of who you are — your soul, which lives far past the end of what you call your physical life.

    Would you be sad about falling down stairs that you never actually fell down? No. Then, why would be sad about a loved one’s death if that, also, never actually happened?

    We may mourn our own loss, but it doesn’t make sense to mourn their death. They wouldn’t want you to mourn their death. Rather, they would hope that you may celebrate their “Continuation Day,” the love and joy they expressed in physical form, and that they are now continuing to live in the free and wondrous expression of their evolutionary process.

    In this video, Neale Donald Walsch explains all of this seeming impossibility, and shares some of the last words and sentiment of his mother. Those words were, “Dance on my grave, promise me.”

    Neale did just that.

    When you’re fully awake, you dance through the moments that you once mourned… And you mourn no more.


    00:00 What death actually is
    00:51 Fear of your own death
    01:55 Death does not exist-according to most religion
    03:33 Story of Neale Donald’s Mom


    Neale is a modern day spiritual messenger and the author of Conversations With God, which sat on the New York Times bestsellers list for 2 ½ years. Today, he is on a quest to spark a global spiritual awakening around the planet.

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