West of the Badlands (1940) Pt 1/1 ROY ROGERS "The Border Legion" CAROL HUGHES

  • Uploaded on 4 Jan 2012

    For PianoGirl606. :o)

    Here is Roy Rogers' 1940 film, "West of the Bandlands", also known as "The Border Legion". This is a period piece, and finds Roy playing Dr. Steve Kellogg/Kells who is heading west after being accused of a crime he did not commit. His fiance, Alice, follows him across the country, trying to persuade him to come back and expose the real crook. However, she is wounded in an attack by the Border Legion, and Steve has to operate. From then on, the two of them - with the help of Gabby and saloon owner Hurricane Hattie - work together to bring the Border Legion to justice and prove Steve's innocence.

    This is our favorite period Roy film. A solid plot and great cast. Carol Hughes is a great heroine for Roy, Gabby always shines, and Maude Eburne as Hurrican Hattie almost steals the show!


    ROY ROGERS as Dr. Steve Kellogg/Steve Kells
    CAROLE HUGHES as Alice Randall
    GABBY HAYES as Honest John Whittaker
    MAUDE EBURNE as Hurricane Hattie McGuire
    JOSEPH SAWYER as Jim Gulden
    JAY NOVELLO as Santos
    ROBERT EMMETT KEANE as Officer Willets
    TRIGGER, the Smartest Horse in the Movies

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