The Vibration of Celebrities REVEALED (Reality Transurfing)

  • Uploaded on 19 Jun 2019

    Understanding the true Vibration of Celebrities will INSTANTLY change your life. When a large group of people all focus on the same person a POWERFUL momentum of energy is created. This video will REVEAL the energy dynamics of celebrities WARNING NO GOING BACK.

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    This video, I'm going to be sharing with you the true vibration of what we call celebrities. Understanding how when many people are focused on one person that effects that person, and I'm going to show you what you can do about it.

    Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the vibration of celebrities. Understanding this from a point of view you may have never heard before and a lot of it's going to have to do with the energy dynamics of the collective consciousness.

    Because what happens is when many people are focused on one person, it creates an energy structure of, of momentum. And when people think of that person, they're picking up on similar thought streams as other people that are thinking about this one person.

    So think of it like this. There is an energy field around our body and this energy field around our body has within it the thoughts that we consistently think. It goes into the energy field around us and the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the actions we do all create an energetic pattern that goes within our energy pattern, within our energy field.

    We go out into the world and we link up with other people and situations in our life that mirror back what is it? Whatever's in that energy field. So for example, if you feel angry about something that happened, that anger goes into your energy field, you go out into the world and it's likely that then something else happens that mirrors that anger that's inside the energy field back to you. So when you clear out your energy field, you let go of a lot of those negative charges and it didn't, doesn't have so much power over you.

    Now in a similar way though, that we all have an energy field around our body. You have billions of people on the planet, almost 8 billion people on the planet and all of their energy fields, all of our energy fields connect together and our thoughts, which we think are invisible, which they are invisible. We can't see them with our eyes, but there is still real and the thoughts still have an energetic structure. Now this is what happens when many people are focused on one person.

    It creates what is called a pendulum, a pendulum. Now a pendulum is an idea that came from a book called reality transfer fee, which is a book written by quantum physicist named Vadim Zeland in Russia. It's like the think and grow rich of Russia. Many people in Russia have read the book. The book is now becoming more and more well known in the United States and all around the world.

    It's been translated to many different languages and it has to do with these pendulums, these pendulums, our thoughts, structures, and when many people are focused on one thought, it creates this momentum in the collective consciousness just like just like there's an energy field around in our body.

    There's an energy field around planet earth and within that energy field are the thoughts of everybody within it and when they're thinking about one specific thing and adds energy to that thing. Now, the idea in reality Trans Surfing is that what happens is sometimes we may have certain thoughts.

    These thoughts may be like, I really hope the Celtics win the NBA game, or uh, or the Golden State Warriors or whatever it is. When many people are focused on that team, on that one thing, whether you're a Ford or against it, if you're paying attention to it, it's adding energy to it.

    Now, a lot of times we'll see this even in politics, the person that wins presidential elections is the person that has the most energy going in the direction, whether positive or negative, and you could see that and whether you agree with that or not, whoever has more energy.

    That's who and the pendulum that ends up winning. Now that's because whether you're afforded or against it, you're adding energy to it, whether you're republican or Democrat, if you're within the system, if you............

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