The Monkees' Tragic Real Life Story

  • Uploaded on 6 Mei 2019

    The Monkees didn't do too badly for themselves, given that they were created as a TV sitcom response to the Beatles. But the Monkees haven't always been blessed with good fortune, despite their celebrity. Here's the tragic real-life story of the Monkees.

    The success of the Beatles movies A Hard Day's Night and Help! inspired a group of TV producers to do something similar with an American sitcom. That's how the Monkees were born. The members didn't come together the way bands traditionally do. They auditioned and were selected, not especially for their musical talent, but for TV-friendly qualities like charisma, good looks, and acting skills. Yet band members Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork were accomplished musicians, and Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones also had decent musical chops.

    The show was conceived like any sitcom. The actors would play characters, and the music was to be strictly prerecorded, with the band only providing vocals. After the band released its first single and played a few shows, it became clear that they were more than just actors. Even so, the Monkees were never able to shake their less-than-iconic origin story. They became fairly universally known as the "Pre-Fab Four," a play on the Beatles' nickname, "the Fab Four."

    Watch to learn more about the Monkees' tragic real life story!

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    The Pre-Fab Four | 0:14
    Taking control | 1:06
    Alienating the fans | 2:04
    Fizzling out | 3:00
    Peter Tork hits rock bottom | 3:45
    Michael Nesmith's tax trouble | 4:39
    Micky Dolenz middles out | 5:33
    Reunited | 6:24
    Nesmith's mystery illness | 7:33
    The death of Davy Jones | 8:27
    Peter Tork passes away | 9:15

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