The Ghost Footage 2 - FULL MOVIE 2013

  • Uploaded on 27 Mei 2015

    Jason Greenwood moves into a new apartment to start his life over again after the events of the last six years of paranormal activity. Only to find that no matter where you go - they will find you and delve into your mind and effect you in ways you can't imagine.

    They will film you


    After the end credits there is THE GHOST FOOTAGE APPENDICES.
    Appendix A: The Journal of Jason Greenwood
    Appendix B: Locations

    This film was shot in twenty one days on weekends mostly for next to no money. There was no budget and anyone that helped, volunteered there work.

    The journal entries answer some of the questions that were left unanswered in the two films. There is many more questions that we did not answer and we are leaving it up to you to figure out and come up with your own conclusions. The Ghost Footage Duology is meant to be a puzzle.

    This is my third movie done with no budget [WP3] is my production code for my films. They are pilots/examples of what we want to do with a budget.

    This film is dedicated to all the fans of the first Ghost Footage film, and to fans of subtle horror films. Films that let your imagination take part in the experience.


    Directed by, Jason Day-Boisvert
    Produced by, A.J. Klassen, Jason Day-Boisvert
    Jason Greenwood - Jason Day-Boisvert
    Ed Hatfield - Edward P. Hatfield
    Blair Redfield - Scott Arsenault
    Camera Operator, Jason Day-Boisvert, Edward P. Hatfield
    Lighting, Jason Day-Boisvert, A.J. Klassen
    Medic, A.J. Klassen
    Music by,
    Kevin MacLeod - House of Leaves - Bent and Broken
    Terminal Itch - zero - six - twelve - fifteen

    Filmed in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

    Copyright 2013 Wolf Pyros Pictures

    Channel wolfpyros chapters


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