The Day Of The Triffids Full Movie Howard Keel Jannette Scott 1962

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    In nature's scheme of things, there are certain plants which are carnivorous, or eating plants. The Venus Fly Trap is one of the best known of these plants. A fly drawn to the plant by its sweet syrup, brushes against triggered bristles. Just how these plants digest their pray has yet to be explained. There is much still to learn about these fascinating eating plants. This is a newcomer: Triffidus Celestus, brought to earth on the meteorite during the Day of the Triffids. Mwaaaaa haaaa haaaa.
    I'm sure I don't need the spoilers by now, after all this was filmed in 1962 BUT just in case naval officer Bill Masen (Howard Keel) is all bandaged up in hospital after an accident and can't witness what is for all cinematic purposes the most spectacular meteorite shower in the history of, like ever. Poor Bill has recently undergone an eye operation & the bandages need to stay on until the morning. Insert footage of flashly lights and very special effects and when the morning arrives, No-one is around. The streets and the hospital is silent... & Bill takes the bandages off himself & finds Dr. Soames (Ewan Roberts) who says he is blind, as is everyone else who looked at the meteorite shower the previous night. Unfortunately that accounts for just about the entire population of Earth, and as conspiracy theories go , and if that wasn't enough to cope with, the new super plants called Triffid uproot themselves & kill any living creature they can sting with their tendrils.
    Together with a young girl named Susan (Janina Faye) Bill sets out to find help & safety...and that is pretty much it. A story of disaster, end of the world stuff and the looking for hope and a home in the cruel world that has become ruled by plants equals a classic British Sci-Fi/horror. Directed by Steve Sekely (& apparently an uncredited Freddie Francis) it is a classic that I love to this very day. Yes it has plot holes you can drive an ice-cream truck through but Executive Producer Philip Yordan based it on the novel by John Wyndham (READ IT!!) and it does move along at a reasonable pace. It is entertaining & the plot has that "This is what happens when you means with nature/Gods Plan" that was so prevalent in the 50's and 60's sci fi and horror films. Which are the ones I love best. . The fact that nearly the entire human race has been blinded & therefore make easy prey for the Triffids is quite a creepy in the conspiracy theory way, A plot later also in Little shop of Horrors except in this case it was a total eclipse of the sun when the plant appeared. The character's are likable and non descript. "The Everyman" phenomenon .There are some memorable shots in The Day of the Triffids, Used forevermore in TV clip shows and ani gif's across the universe. The cliché fog enshrouded sequence in a forest where a car stuck in mud and menaced by a shadowy Triffid, WOOooOoOoo and not forgetting the opening scene with the night watchman in the conservatory. Spoooooooky and for some resason it turned me off boiled eggs for quite some time. The parts in the lighthouse with Karen (Janette Scott...fights a Triffid that spits poison and kills....sorry, I love Rocky Horror) & Tom Goodwin (Kieron Moore) stick out like a sore thumb as they never interact with any of the other cast members, rumour has it the ONLY reason these scenes were shot by Francis because the original length of the film was too short. Naturally the climax of the film is fast paced and very conveniently happy. The human race is just badly wounded but not doomed. Man triumphs over nature. Like that's a surprise

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