Taaqatwar ( ताकतवर ) HD Dubbed Movie 2018 - Venkatesh, Trisha, Brahmanandam And Mukesh Rishi

  • Uploaded on 19 Jun 2019

    Venkata Ramana (Daggubati Venkatesh) a.k.a. Venky is a ventriloquist. He is a naive and good adult and everyone in his association usually likes him. An astrologer (M. S. Narayana) predicts that if he does not get married in one month, he will be a single man forever. He goes to Paris as part of a group to perform for NRIs, where he meets Paris Prasad (Brahmanandam) and his gang. They fool everyone and try to avoid giving them remuneration. Venky manages them and gets his and his troops' payment. Later Venky meets Pooja (Trisha Krishnan), the niece of Paris Prasad, and falls in love. Though Pooja has no feelings for Venky, Paris Prasad tells him that Pooja too loves him, just for fun.

    Slowly Pooja and Venky become friends and Pooja gets an emergency call from India, where she finds out that her family, especially her grandfather(Jaya Prakash Reddy) arranged her marriage with Bhadrappa (Subbaraju), the son of her uncle, Changala Rayudu (Mukesh Rishi). She doesn't want to marry him and calls Prasad for help. She offers money to him if he could take her back to Paris. Prasad takes the risk as he needs money to repay the bank loan. He asks Venky for help telling him that Pooja wants to marry him but her family wants her to marry Bhadrappa. Venky innocently believes him and comes to Rayalaseema to take Pooja away.

    There Venky introduces himself to everyone as Pranit offers the partnership of fake multimillion-dollar factory. In the hope of that partnership, everyone treats him nicely and makes minor changes in their household to please him. Paris Prasad tells Pooja that he fooled Venky and asks her to go with his drama to escape from that place. Though she doesn't want to fool Venky, reluctantly agrees to Prasad's plan as she needs to get out of there desperately. Actually, she loves an NRI Ajay and wants to elope with him.

    Finally, Venky succeeds to trick them and take Pooja and Prasad away. Pooja plans to escape with Ajay to Europe but Venky takes them to his area in Hyderabad. He introduces his family, his uncles, Narayana (Chandra Mohan) and Malesh Yadav (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Everybody receives Pooja affectionately and makes arrangements for their wedding. Prasad and Ajay try to tell them the truth but couldn't succeed.

    Bhaddrapa's grandfather overhears the conversation of Pooja's mother with Pooja on phone and devises a plan to call them to their village and kill Venky. They tell Pooja that they will conduct their wedding within their place and asks her to come back. But Venky ends up coming with his full family and friends, roughly a few hundred, failing their plan to kill him. Finally, he comes to know that Pooja loves Ajay, not him. Though devastated, he still wishes her happiness and saves them from their uncle's gang. Seeing his selfless love, Pooja's uncle and others stop fighting him and reconcile. But at the end, Pooja realises that she loves Venky and Ajay understands and leaves the decision in her hands. Finally, Pooja and Venky marry with everyone's blessings.

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