Rags to Riches: An Elite Dangerous Beginner's Guide to Making Credits in Version 3.3

  • Uploaded on 31 Des 2018

    Welcome Commanders. This guide will to show you how you can go from fresh starting save to being flush with credits as quickly as possible. It is current as of version 3.3 Beyond: Chapter 4 of Elite Dangerous. It will consist of three parts, each involving an activity that will earn more credits than the last.


    1. The inability for core game players to buy the deep core mining hardpoints has been fixed!

    2. The multiple abrasion blaster trick has been deemed a bug and has been patched. An upgrade from the AspX would be a Python or Krait.

    My Rig:

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
    32GB RAM
    Nvida GTX 1050Ti
    M.2 SSD

    Resource Links:

    Hauler for R2R:

    Budget AspX for Deep Core Mining:

    Ideal AspX for Deep Core Mining:

    Python for Deep Core Mining and Laser Mining:

    Spansh for R2R:

    Inara Commodity Locator:

    Be sure to check out my Reddit post for new players that has a number of resource links on it:

    I apologize to those that have been waiting for me to update my guide material for 3.3. I am just barely over a cold that I have been fighting for weeks. You can hear a bit of congestion in my voice still, but I just had to get this out for you guys. Thanks again for your support. Happy new year!

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