PSX Longplay [383] Castlevania Symphony of the Night

  • Uploaded on 3 Nov 2017

    Played by: Tsunao

    Sidescroller by Konami. The game responsible for bringing the term "Metroidvania" to the masses and how the game plays for many years.

    Follow a pretty vampire as he beefs with his father and a guy in blue. Many memorable lines are spoken.

    Unlike previous Castlevania games, this one combines Metroid exploration (find one item to go to an area) and has more RPG elements than Castlevania II (leveling up, equipments). There's also spells, which are inputted like a fucking fighting game, you can use to defeat all the bad critters you come across.

    This longplay. played on PS1 emulator instead of the friggin' PSP, goes through both Alucard and Richiter mode with a clean save (no luck mode this time). For Alucart, I shoot for 200.6% map exploration, collect all relics, and show 3 endings (killing Richter without glasses, killing Richter with glasses, and the true ending). First ending was inserted at last minute, so there is some inconsistency. There's also lots of Wing Smash and Shield-Backdash spam. I do try to ease up on the backdash. I also do Sword Brothers glitch, but it isn't too gamebreaking, unlike the PS1-on-PSP video (Duplicator into item spam). For Richter mode, I just fight all bosses and get all Life Up Jars.

    Video file resolution weird due to this game having many ressys.

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