My Entire Horror Movie Collection (My Dvd /Blu-ray Collection Series)

  • Uploaded on 5 Nov 2012

    In this video I show all the horror movies that I own on either Dvd or Blu-ray.

    ---Some of the movies I show in this collection are ----

    Aprils fools day, Alien vs Predator, Anaconda, Anacondas, An American werewolf in London, Arachnophobia, Altered States, Army of Darkness, 30 days of night, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, Amityville Horror, Anatomy, Anatomy 2, Attack the block, Atm, Anthropophagus, Assault of Precinct 13, All the boys love mandy lane, Attic Expedition, Apollo 18, Autopsy, Alice Sweet Alice, Alone in the dark, Bride of Re-Animator, Beyond Re-Animator, Bad Ronald, Battle Royale, Black Christmas, Behind the mask, The Bad Seed, Demon Knight, Boogeyman, The Blair witch project, Body Bags, Basket case, The Burning, A bucket of Blood, Blood savage, Bad Taste, Bait 3d, Bug, Brainscan, Blue sunshine, Butterfly effect, Blade, Blade 2, Blade Trintiy, Buffy the vampire slayer, Boogy Creek, Coma, Chernobyl Diaries, Childs play, Childs play 2, Childs play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Chuckles Revange, The Covent, Creepshow 3, The Crow, The Crow City of Angles, The Crow Wicked Prayer, The Crow Salvation, Cry Wolf, The Cook, Cith of the lost Children, Congo, The Candy Snatcher, Children of the corn series, Campfire tales, Cheerleader camp, Cemetery man, Cabin Fever, Cabin Fever 2, Cats eye, Chopping mall, The Changeling, The Crazies, Carnival of blood, Cloverfield, Cube, Cube 2, Cube zero, Cannibal Holocaust, The cabin in the woods, Children shouldn't play with dead things, Carrie, Critters 1 -3, Castle freak, The collection, Cruel world, City of the living dead, Class of Nuke um high, The curse, Carnival of souls, Cannibal the musical, Cutting Class, Crawlspace, Camp Hell, Creature, C.h.u.d, Cujo, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Decoys, Deepstar six, Devil, Dr giggles, Dawn of the dead, Day of the dead, Land of the dead, Diary of the dead, Survival of the dead, The Devils rejects, The dead, Deadtime stores, Dolly Dearest, Death Bed, Dead Doll, Death row, The dark, Don't look now, Detention, Dead Season, Dead girl, Dark water, Duel, Deadly bees, Devils Playground, Descent, Deadline, Don't be afraid of the dark, The Devils Backbone, Dead next door, Dead Alive, Demons, Demons 2, The Darkest hour, The Divide, Dead end drive in, Drag me to hell, The Devil inside, Elvira mistress of the dark, End of the line, Escape from new york, Escape from la, The evil dead, Evil dead 2, Eaten alive, Eraserhead, The exorcist, Event horizon, Friday the 13th series, The final destination series, Freaks, The funhouse, The fog, From Dusk till dawn, Frankenhooker, From Beyond, The fly, Fiend, Fortress, Funny games, Fright night, Fright night 2, Frogs, Freddy vs Jason, Faceless, Funland, From Hell, The Faculty, Feast, Flatliners, The Frighterners, The Grudge, The Gate, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, The Grapes of death, Ginger Snaps, Ghoulies series, Graveyard Shift, Ghost Ship, Grave Encounters, house of the dead, House on haunted high, Hostel series, The Human Centipede 1 and 2, Halloween series, Halloween remake, Hellraiser series, The Hills have eyes 1 and 2, Heathers, House of wax, Happy birthday to me, Hatchet, Henry, Identity, Invaders from mars, Ice cream man, The island of dr moreau, Idle hands, I drink your blood, it, Intruder, Its alive, Insidious, House of 1000 corpses, Its alive, I spit on your grave, Jason x, Jason goes to hell, Jacobs lader, The innkeepers, I know what you did last summer, Just before dawn, Jaws 1, 2 and 3, Jack frost, Killer Klowns for outerspace, Laid to rest, The Langoliers, Live feed, Let the right one in, The last exorcism, Last house on the left, Legend, Leprechaun series, The lost boys series, maniac cop, The loved ones, monkey Shines, Martyrs, The monster squad, Mimic series, Misery, Mirrors, Mr ice cream man, Motel hell, Mum and Dad, My bloody valentine, Night flier, Near dark, Night of the livng dead, Nightbreed, 976-evil, Night of the demons, Night of the comet, Night of the creeps, The omen, Office killer, One missed call, Phantasm, Popcorn, Prom Night, Piranha 3d, Pet Sematary, Psycho series, Pin, Paranormal activity series, Panic Room, The people under the stars, Phantom of the mall, Quarantine, Race with the devil, Poltergeist, Quick silver highway, Rabid grannies, Rest Stop, Rosemary's baby, Resident evil, Rec 3, Return of the living dead, The Ring, The stand, Summer camp nightmare, Slashers, Session 9, Silver Bullet, The Stuff, Spider baby,Shocker, The strangers, Savage streets, Silent night deadly night, Society, Scream series, Swamp thing, Strangeland, Shadow of a vampire, Tucker and dale vs evil, Silent house, Saw series, Terror train, Slumber party massacre, Sleepaway camp series, Tales from the darkside, Toolbox murders, Tremors, Trilogy of terror, The Thing, The texas chainsaw massacre, troll, Troll 2, They live, Terror firmer, Thinner, Ticks, Tourist trap, Toxic avenger, Trick or treat, Video violence, Urban legends, Video dead, Wicker man, Waxwork, wrong turn, willard

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