My Blu-ray Collection Update 4/29/16 : Blu ray and Dvd Movie Reviews

  • Uploaded on 29 Apr 2016

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    My Blu Ray and Dvd Collection update where I talk about and review the Dvds and Blu-rays that Ive gotten over the past couple of weeks and give my reviews of them and the films themselves.

    ----From Shout Factory / Scream Factory

    * (0:17) Submerged : Directed by Steven C. Miller - Starring Jonathan Bennett, Talulah Riley, Rosa Salazar, Samuel Hunt, Mario Van Peebles

    * (2:22) Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre : Directed by Jim Wynorski - Starring Dominique Swain, Traci Lords, Christine Nguyen, Cindy Lucas, Amy Holt

    ---From Universal Studios

    * (4:33) The Boy : Directed by William Brent Bell - Starring Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell, Jim Norton

    ---From Magnolia Home Entertainment

    * (7:00) Synchronicity : Directed by Jacob Gentry - Starring Chad McKnight, Brianne Davis, AJ Bowen, Scott Poythress, Michael Ironside

    ---From The Criterion Collection

    * (9:39) Easy Rider : Directed by Dennis Hopper - Starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Phil Spector, Jack Nicholson, Toni Basil, Karen Black

    ---From Anchor Bay http://anchorbayentertainme...

    * (12:28) Where to Next : Directed by Michael Moore

    ---From Dark Sky Films

    * (14:44) Emelie : Directed by Michael Thelin - Starring Sarah Bolger, Carly Adams, Thomas Bair, Chris Beetem, Dante Hoagland

    * (16:41) Scherzo Diabolico : Directed by Adrián García Bogliano - Starring Francisco Barreiro, Daniela Soto Vell, Jorge Molina

    ---From Alchemy

    * (18:46) The Bandit Hound : Directed by Michelle Danner - Starring Catherine Bell, Judd Nelson, Lou Ferrigno, Paul Sorvino, Joe Flanigan

    ---From Mvd

    * (21:11) Shopping Tour

    ---From The Orchard

    * (23:19) Bad Roomies : Directed by Jason Schnell - Starring Patrick Renna, Tommy Savas, Annie Monroe, Jackie Tohn, Page Kennedy, Kyle Howard

    ---From Wild Eye Releasing

    * (24:51) Grand Auto Theft La : Directed by Jeff Leroy - Starring Isis Velazquez, Bettina Brighton, Ryan Cleary, Shawn C Phillips

    * (25:44) Scars : Directed by Sean K. Robb - Starring Danielle Cole, Neale Kimmel, Matt Wells

    * (26:44) Paranormal Tape

    ---From Unearthed Films

    * (27:49) Sheep Skin : Directed by Kurtis Spieler - Starring Bryan Manley Davis, Michael Schnoz, Jamie Lyn Bagley

    ---From Terror Films

    * (29:12) Trace : Directed by Ryan Brookhart - Starring Jeremiah Benjamin, Mike Capozzi, Nick Fink, Jerod Meagher

    (All the Dvd's and Blu-rays I review in this update video are supplied to my by the studios for review purposes. All the views and reviews are mine alone)

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