Most MYSTERIOUS Prehistoric Beasts That Ever Lived!

  • Uploaded on 19 Jun 2019

    Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Prehistoric Beasts That Ever Lived! From walking with some of the largest prehistoric creatures that ever lived to other terrifying extinct dinosaurs, this top 10 list will amaze you!

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    9. Megatherium
    Sloths aren't the most exciting animals in the world today, but you have to admit they are cute! They are famous for being slow-moving creatures, but in the Ice Age, there were types of sloths that had much more active and aggressive tendencies. There used to be giant sloths that were were actually fierce warriors.

    8. Deinocheirus
    Have you ever heard of a "bird-mimic" dinosaur? If not, then prepare to learn about a species known as the Deinocheirus. This "bird-mimic" was a dinosaur that looked like a bird and even had feathers all over its body, hence the nickname. But, it was very long, weighed up to six tons, and walked upright in a way that was similar to many land dinosaurs.

    7. The Moa
    The Moa is widely considered one of the biggest birds to ever live in terms of pure size, and it was the biggest bird in the period known as the Ice Age. However, there is one big difference between the Moa and many other birds in the ancient world, mainly, The Moa was actually a flightless bird. It was said to have grown over 12 feet tall, and could weigh over a ton at times.

    6. Platybelodon
    I want you to picture an elephant. Just a basic average elephant. Now, what is the most defining feature on the elephant? Their distinctive trunk! The trunk is one of the most important features on the elephant. It acts not only as its nose, but as an extra arm of sorts which it can use to grab things, move things around, and make calls out to its pack.

    5. Giant Beavers
    Sometimes, the creatures of the past were just larger versions of the animals we see nowadays, with one such example being the aptly named Giant Beaver. In North America, this is the largest rodent to have ever lived, that we know of anyway. At a massive nine feet long, this was indeed a very large beaver. Yet, unlike its modern day cousins, it didn't have the long flat tail that was used to help make dams.

    4. Helicoprion
    The Helicoprion might just be one of the strangest and most unusual creatures to have ever existed. Not because of its size, or what it eats, but rather, because of its coiled mouth that looks unlike anything the world has seen before, or since.
    And it took scientists a while to figure out how its mouth was supposed to go.

    3. Kaprosuchus saharicus
    The crocodile as a species has been around for quite a long time. It was one of the major animals that existed in the times of dinosaurs (although back then they were much bigger creatures). And you might think that back then, they had the similar body style that they do today, and some of them did. But then, there was the Kaprosuchus saharicus.

    2. Odontochelys semitestacea
    When you think about turtles in the modern age, you no doubt picture the shelled creatures that can be only inches long or several feet in length. And you know that those same shells are able to protect the inhabitants from many predators, which includes humans for the most part.

    1. The Megalodon
    While there were many strange creatures out there in the ancient world, one that continues to mystify and terrify people in the modern world despite the creature being long gone is the Megalodon. The Megalodon is what you might call a "super shark", as it was basically three times as big as the infamous Great White Shark, and twice as mean and aggressive.


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