Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6: Back To Basix Pt.2 (Solid Bags) | Rob Burgess 2019

  • Uploaded on 21 Jan 2019

    Korda carp fishing Koach Robert Burgess makes his Masterclass debut! Solid PVA bags are an almost faultless method for catching carp and there's nobody better than Rob to show Back to Basix recruit AJ the art of perfecting this awesome method

    Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6 - CHAPTER 4 (Carp Fishing Video | DVD)

    Whether it's a heavy stock match water or a low stocked gravel pit... Solid bags are a tried and trusted, fool proof way of catching carp and this chapter covers them in great detail to ensure you're getting the very best out of them.

    This is definitely an under-used tactic as so many anglers are intimidated by the hassle of having to tie them, especially when the first cast may not land exactly where you want it and you have to repeat the process. But Rob shows AJ how anyone not using them is missing out as they can be incredibly effective, especially when used to their full potential – from rigs, to bag mixes, loosefeeding over the top of bags, and getting them to go where you want them to on the cast and then knowing what type of bottom you have landed on. Basically, anything involving the use of solid bags is covered here!

    Watch the boys take on two different venues including Embryo angling habitats Crown Country Park hoping to finally break AJ's PB and net his first ever 30'lb carp

    Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6 contains Five chapters of MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Rob Burgess and Neil Spooner. A fantastic FREE set of carp fishing videos that will catch you more fish for 2018.


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