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  • Uploaded on 7 Nov 2018

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    Kissing prank in India
    Kissing prank
    Funtime India
    There use to be, at county fairs and even church picnics, the tradition of the "Kissing Booth" where participants would pay for a kiss. This was considered completely normal because we didn't associate kissing with anything really special. These days, more emphasis is placed on the activity and for some reason it's seen as more important than it used to be. This is a societal problem mostly created by popular media. Popular media loves to sell the fairy tale love story, and the idea that you should save your first kiss for the handsome prince is pushed for mostly profit reasons. If you look at how women are addressed by the media, you will see most of what it's about is over-exaggerating the importance of everything related to love and relationships. Putting a lot of importance on kissing is part of that.

    Kissing booth

    Back when we didn't constantly have the TV telling us kissing must lead to intimacy, people were a lot more reasonable about kissing each other. And, we had fewer mass shootings... go figure...

    (Heck, in the Amish community today, a kiss on the lips is a standard greeting between people of all ages and sexes. Men kiss each other, adults kiss children, it's just the way they do it.)

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