Killdozer (1974)

  • Uploaded on 23 Feb 2016

    Brett Gaddes' latest You Tube video is like a b-side to the underbelly of cinema. I'm getting lower & lower in my quest for rank in septic tank acceptance. Vestron? VHS? Death Car On A Freeway?
    I'm slowly graduating up Shitter's Ditch. *Thumbs up.*
    Man - this is going backward!
    The way it is I should just rekindle my love affair with collecting steel wool, tide, laundry flakes and other late 70's obsessions. *Thumbs up.*
    I'm brushing dangerously close to my primitive years - the wound is exposed & raw.
    The killer bulldozer is hungry and on the loose seeking compensation for its upbringing via a blood thirsty rampage - hunting down all those who double crossed it. Pray you're not on its list or it'll return from '74 and mow you down tenfold.
    Be wary of outdated masturbation oils; violent Pac Man video games, Rat Boy, Sony Beta Max quality, machines that don't rewind, West Valley City, watermelon thieves, killer machines, Red Lobster, video pirates and the Mailman.
    Everything is out to get you - so be wary is all.

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