Juvenile delinquent- High School Confidential -1958

  • Uploaded on 26 Okt 2007

    "Faster! I can almost read the next
    Burmashave sign!"
    "This camp classic tries to keep a straight face as a "sizzling expose" of American high schools. New kid Tony (Russ Tamblyn) talks crazy slang, makes a pass at Miss Jergens (Joan Staples), scores some grass, drag races against a kid played by Michael Landon, and outclasses the other big man on the schoolyard played by John Drew Barrymore, all in his first day. As it turns out, Tony is an undercover narcotics agent, and really wants to help these poor kids, especially poor Arlene (Jan Sterling), a sweet girl who seems doomed now that she's had her first puff of "mary jane." He starts working with, and falling for, Miss Jergens, but Tony's horny aunt (the busty Mamie Van Doren) keeps interrupting his homework by trying to seduce him. There's even beatnik poetry, and Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester from the Addam's Family) as Mr. A, the top man of the dope ring. Jerry Lee Lewis swings by on a flat bed truck to bang out the title tune on his piano. This is the pinnacle of 1950s rock-and-roll, juvenile delinquent movies, and an essential addition to any camp aficionado's library."

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