Jethro Tull - Aqualung (from "Jack in the Green")

  • Uploaded on 15 Jul 2011

    2008 sees Jethro Tull celebrate their 40th Anniversary, a landmark achievement for any rock band but even more so when you consider that Tull have been constantly active throughout that period with tours and studio albums and are one of the most globally successful British acts of all time. This new DVD release brings together Jethro Tull live performances filmed in Germany over a period of time. The main concert comes from 1982 with further material from 1986. As an added bonus we have two tracks each from 1993 and 1970/71. The release is fully approved by Ian Anderson and the packaging features photographs from his personal archive.

    Rockpop In Concert 1982
    1) Hard Times 2) Pussy Willow 3) Heavy Horses 4) Jack In The Green 5) Keyboard Solo 6) Sweet Dreams 7) Aqualung 8) Locomotive Breath 9) Cheerio

    Rocksummer 1986
    10) Hunting Girl

    Out In The Green 1986
    11) Thick As A Brick 12) Black Sunday 13) Improvisation II 14) Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die

    Live In Germany 1993
    15) My Sunday Feeling 16) So Much Trouble

    Beat Club 1970/71
    17) With You There To Help Me 18) Nothing Is Easy

    Sitting on a park bench
    eyeing little girls with bad intent.
    Snot running down his nose
    greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
    Drying in the cold sun
    Watching as the frilly panties run.
    Feeling like a dead duck
    spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
    Sun streaking cold
    an old man wandering lonely.
    Taking time
    the only way he knows.
    Leg hurting bad,
    as he bends to pick a dog-end
    he goes down to the bog
    and warms his feet.

    Feeling alone
    the army's up the rode
    salvation à la mode and
    a cup of tea.
    Aqualung my friend
    don't start away uneasy
    you poor old sod, you see, it's only me.
    Do you still remember
    December's foggy freeze
    when the ice that
    clings on to your beard is
    screaming agony.
    And you snatch your rattling last breaths
    with deep-sea-diver sounds,
    and the flowers bloom like
    madness in the spring.

    Channel Eagle Rock


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