HCF and LCM Aptitude Tricks | HCF Shortcut/Short Tricks | HCF Kaise Nikale | Part 2

  • Uploaded on 2 Des 2018

    HCF and LCM Aptitude Tricks | HCF Shortcut/Short Tricks | HCF Kaise Nikale | hcf and lcm | hcf and lcm tricks | hcf and lcm tricks in hindi | hcf lcm tricks in hindi

    In this video we are going to learn how to find HCF in just few seconds. This only video contains #Method + #Shortcuts + #Practice . If you want to solve questions in your head then this may be the most useful video for you.

    Watch this video till end and become a magician in mathematics.

    LCM short trick :-

    - Average Short Tricks in Hindi :-

    -Time & Work with Short Trick:-

    - Learn Tricky Math With Short Trick :-

    - Profit and Loss Short Trick Playlist :-

    Time and Work Short Trick :-

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