Forest Of No Return

  • Uploaded on 16 Sep 2007

    A funny song,from Disney's "Babes in Toyland", starring our favorite Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello...
    a prophetic American song,...gave me nightmares when I was a child...
    Here are the lyrics:

    OOOOh, HEY!
    OOOOh, Say!

    Can't you read,
    Can't you see,
    This is private property,
    Aren't the signs, plain and clear
    No one is allowed in here
    But since you're here,
    You should know
    We will never let you go
    You can cry, you can shout
    But you can't get out.

    This is the forest of no return,
    This is the forest of no return,
    Those who stumble in,
    Those who fumble in,
    never can get out.

    "We have come, seeking sheep...",
    "Now alas you're in too deep"
    "We don't mean any harm..."
    "You have caused us great alarm"
    "Then we'll be off, on our way..."
    "Sorry but you'll have to stay",
    "We will cry, we will shout...",
    "Still you can't get out!"

    This is the forest of no return
    This is the forest of no return
    You have stumbled in,
    You have fumbled in,
    Now you can't get out.

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