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    FAST HAND IS STILL MY NAME: Entire Western Movie, Full Length Feature Film, Cowboy Film, Western Movie, Original (English) Language, Buong Pelikula. Fasthand (Italian: Mi chiamavano "Requiescat"... ma avevano sbagliato, Spanish: Mano rápida, also known as Fasthand is Still My Name and Fast Gun Is Still My Name) is a 1973 Italian-Spanish Spaghetti Western film directed by Frank Bronston[1] and starring Alan Steel, William Berger and Frank Braña.

    A gang of former confederates lay siege to a Cavalry fort.

    Director: Mario Bianchi (as Frank Bronston)
    Writers: Alberto Cardone, Eduardo Manzanos (as Eduardo Manzanos Brochero)
    Stars: Sergio Ciani, William Berger, Frank Braña

    Shortly after the end of United States civil war, Captain Jeff Madison, an Union Official, leads a group of soldiers in the search for a group of Confederate soldiers who have gone rogue and are conducting a guerrilla war in the South. The rebel group, lead by the infamous Machedo, splits in two, and while one faction ambushes Madison and his party the other one captures one of the Union's forts and decimate the soldiers and commanding officer. Shortly after the rebels capture Madison, the only survivor of the previous ambush, when he gets to the fort. Machedo and his men torture and shoot Madison in his right hand, rendering it useless for holding a gun, and leave him to die. Madison survives by pure chance when a group of Indians appear by the location.

    During the next two years the group of rebels and former soldiers carry a series of raids undisturbed, while at the same time Madison has been preparing to exact justice on them. When Machedo and his men steal the freshly arrived gold of a town, Madison sees the perfect opportunity to manipulate the situation in his favour, bringing Machedo and his group to a trap. The former Captain risks everything carrying out his plan but, contrary to the expectations of Machedo, Madison still has a secret card on his sleeve, one that makes him a true "fasthand".

    (original title) Mi chiamavano 'Requiescat'... ma avevano sbagliato
    Spain Mano rápida
    Finland Minä olen nopein, Mulligan
    France Le rescapé de la vallée de la mort
    France (alternative title) Requiem pour un tueur
    Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) T'onoma mou einai Keravnos
    Greece (video title) To grigoro pistoli
    Norway (video title) Mulligan
    USA Fasthand
    West Germany Sing mir das Lied der Rache

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