ENGLISH ERASED ED - It's Like A Tiny Bit Of Light [Dima Lancaster feat. Hikaru Station]

  • Uploaded on 4 Mei 2016


    English version of 'Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna' by sayuri,
    the ending theme from 'Erased'.

    ◦ Arranged & recorded by Dima Lancaster.
    ◦ Performed by Dima Lancaster
    & Hikaru Station (
    ◦ Art by linene:

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    VERSE 1

    It was always me who'd see right through,
    Who'd look at you
    And time divided in two

    Your smiles and tears - yeah, I would remember


    I had always thought that
    I'd grow up,
    My heart would get warmer,
    So I wouldn't have to bear this cold

    But look at me now - I'm still lost like the little child
    That I was before

    CHORUS 1

    I wanna be your bit of light
    And hold you close as you wake from the darkness
    Promise that you'll meet me on the other side
    This silent snow has fallen in the city that once hid our secrets away
    Things we never said haunt me

    You're the deepest cut I've ever had,
    A scar that's been carved in my heart
    I will retrieve the song of this forgotten world
    That erases our fate, makes us smile once again
    I swear you won't be here alone

    VERSE 2

    In these empty rooms
    The clocks just keep on ticking,
    Resounding in my mind
    We're trapped in mazes of time

    Two little cogs,
    We still misalign our ragged words


    In that town of heroes and villains
    Where only I was missing
    I screamed in hopes I'd make it through the night
    The snow keeps on falling and my hands still falter now
    As I'm reaching out

    CHORUS 2

    Paper skies are shattering,
    A tiny bit of light gives in to darkness
    I'm left to pick up the cracks of our dream
    Those loving hands, so dear and warm,
    I still remember every time you'd hold me close
    Wish I never let go of you

    And of all the things that meant the most
    The little faint light keeps on fading
    Let me know if you can hear my broken voice
    As I'm screaming your name,
    As the snow's turning gray
    I looked for hopes it had hidden away

    CHORUS 3

    I dream of something dear and warm,
    A place so far away from here where no one ever cries
    I will protect it no matter what
    All the kindness that we've sown has been devoured by sadness,
    But the light we once had starts to break through the snow

    It awakes a tiny fire in my heart,
    The scars I had begin to heal and
    Endless nights no longer tear me up inside,
    So just smile for me
    And I'll sing you this song
    All the colors will change
    And we won't bear alone
    Everything gets brighter
    With you in my world

    It was always me who'd see right through,
    Who'd look at you


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    This is a cover, thereby I do not claim to own any rights to the original. The original belongs to sayuri and her respective label, Ariola Japan.
    Thank you.

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