Drake - In My Feelings (Music Video) ft. City Girls

  • Uploaded on 11 Jul 2018

    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)

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    I made this all for entertainment purpose only. the beat might sound different to you because i added my own sounds (Crash, HiHat, Kick, Hey Chants & Layered the snare) in there to give it more of that up-tempo club song


    Drake's Scorpion Tracklist
    1. "Survival"
    2. "Nonstop"
    3. "Elevate"
    4. "Emotionless"
    5. "I'm Upset"
    6. "God's Plan"
    7. "8 Out of 10"
    8. "Mob Ties"
    9. "Can't Take a Joke"
    10. "Sandra's Rose"
    11. "Talk Up" featuring Jay-Z
    12. "Is There More"

    1. "Peak"
    2. "Summer Games"
    3. "Jaded"
    4. "Nice for What"
    5. "Finesse"
    6. "Ratchet Happy Birthday"
    7. "That's How You Feel"
    8. "Blue Tint"
    9. "In My Feelings"
    10. "Don't Matter to Me" featuring Michael Jackson
    11. "After Dark" featuring Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign
    12. "Final Fantasy"
    13. "March 14"

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    Keke do you love me
    Kiki do you love me
    Drake in my feelings dance

    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)
    Drake - In My Feelings (Official Audio) (Scorpion)

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