District 13 Episode 03

  • Uploaded on 19 Okt 2015

    District 13 Episode 03: "Maneater"
    Original Air Date: October 19th, 2015

    Samael and Vince track an unknown monster through District 13's abandoned neighborhoods.

    Dustin Detore as Samael
    John Angeloni as Vince Esposito
    Darcie Hannigan as Rebecca Burroughs (Credit Only)
    Anthony Rotella as Raphael
    Joe Bottino as Chris Taylor
    Cristopher Drew as Emerson Flint
    Shae Winter as Jessica Miller
    Greg Chance as Leonard Goldberg
    Mike Franz as Lucifer (Credit Only)
    Vicki Maffei as Alexis Moreau (Credit Only)
    Michele McElroy as Selene
    Matt Howard as Leon Hightower (Credit Only)
    Samanatha Mack as Dahlia Blackstone (Credit Only)

    Coleton Rivera as "The Monster"
    Elizabeth Wiese as Julie Palmer
    Krystle Griffin as Sherri Lambert
    John E. Mendel as Josh Landon
    Troy Harber as Ryan Hill

    The ownership and rights to these tracks belongs to their respective artists and not Studio 302 Productions


    "So So Bad"
    "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
    Blue Stahli

    "09 Ghosts I"
    "19 Ghosts III"
    "25 Ghosts III"
    Nine Inch Nails

    "11 Days In Hell"
    "Hell's Battalion"
    "Red Warrior"
    "Altered Brain Cells"
    "Tree of Life"

    Channel Studio302Productions


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