Cheaters 2018: Army US Veteran/Bisexual Relationship: Error Code: 666=×fatal err#LGBTQIA+

  • Uploaded on 6 Okt 2018

    CHEATERS IS BACK! Season 16 Reboot!
    So this dude has known Lizet for 36 years since childhood and now they've been dating for 4 months until this dude has been having an affair while dating for only 2 months and then they got engaged for at least 2 or 3 weeks then later on this video, until both between the army U.S Veteran Lizet (have known each other for 36 years since childhood then they started long distance dating relationship) and the bisexual woman name Stella, (by the way Stella is bisexual), both found out about the affair and so this dude has gotten into two sexual relationships between Lizet and Stella and then they both found out the whole thing and now they have both hated him and they never don't want to talk to him anymore due to his failed relationship between Lizet and Stella and even worse Stella is bisexual knowing that she's attracted to the men and women which is kind of strange but this is true. Anyways, his love triangle relationship between Lizet and Stella has failed and even worse he disrespected the country and brought disgrace to the LGBTQ community. Oh dear this is gonna be BAD.

    I've been a Cheaters fan since 2009.

    #USVeteran #bisexual #LGBTQIA #usarmy #LGBTQ

    Credits to Daniel Gomez, JeremyHerrera VA, Richie Verdi, Shoryuken man, Hunter TubeRules1998, BronyChick21, ElectroJay_SultanLite, ThatTealShyGuy (formerly BeastBoyYesLeviNo) and TheShyK9.

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