Castlevania: Symphony of The Night Walkthrough (Part 1)

  • Uploaded on 26 Des 2012

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    Starting a new side project, Castlevania: SoTN, this walkthrough will be a 200.6% guide, this means all map coverage, all bosses, and all relics. Also the first bosses names are Gaibon (Flying demon), and Slogra (Demon with the Spear), They were not in the first castlevania I mistaken-ed, the were in Super Castlevania 4

    Hope you guys all enjoy this quick series!!


    INT: Intelligence is a statistic found in Castlevania. It indicates the strength of magic.

    CON: Constitution is a statistic found in Castlevania. Most often, it is the character's "natural" defense, and their Constitution plus their armor's strength composes the Defense stat proper.

    LUCK: Luck is a statistic found in Castlevania. The higher the luck, the more likely an enemy will drop certain items. It also may effect the frequency of critical hits, which deal much higher damage to an enemy than normal. There also may be some items that activate more frequently depending on your luck.

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