Blu-ray / Dvd Tuesday Shopping 7/3/18 : My Blu-ray Collection Series

  • Uploaded on 3 Jul 2018

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    A video showing myself going Blu-ray and Dvd shopping showing all the places I go to to get movies and what Dvds and Blu-rays I picked up.

    Some of this weeks new releases I check out today are Blockers, 7 Days in Entebbe, Beirut, Submission, Where is Kyra?, Another Wolf Cop only at Best Buy exclusive double feature blu-ray, Treasure Hunters, Toxic Shark, The Cured, Don't Grow Up, The Immortal Wars, The Jurassic Games, Big Legend, House of the Witch

    I also give a mini movie reviews of The Incredibles 2, Uncle Drew

    ---From Arrow Video

    (9:20) The Navigator A Medieval Odyssey : Directed by Vincent Ward - Starring Bruce Lyons, Chris Haywood, Hamish Gough

    (11:27) Detective Bureau 2-3 : Directed by Seijun Suzuki

    (12:06) Woman is the Future of Man / Tale of Cinema

    ---From Lions Gate

    (12:52) Escape Plan 2 : Hades - Directed by Steven C. Miller - Starring Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Xiaoming Huang, Jesse Metcalfe, 50 Cent

    (15:36) Future World : Directed by James Franco and Bruce Thierry Cheung - Starring James Franco, Suki Waterhouse, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich

    (18:36) Lean on Pete : Directed by Andrew Haigh - Starring Charlie Plummer, Amy Seimetz, Travis Fimmel, Steve Buscemi, Chloe Sevigny

    (20:47) Chappaquiddick : Directed by John Curran - Starring Jason Clarke, Ed Helms, Jim Caffigan Kate Mara, Bruce Dern

    (23:04) Krystal : Directed by William H. Macy - Starring Rosario Dawson, Nick Robinson, T.I.

    (25:09) I am Elizabeth Smart : Directed by Sarah Walker - Starring Alana Boden, Skeet Ulrich

    ---From Paramount

    (26:47) A Quiet Place 4K Ultra HD Edition : Directed by John Krasinkski - Starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds

    ---From Sony Pictures

    (29:12) Finding Your Feet : Directed by Richard Lonzcraine - Starring Imelda Staunton, Celia Imriem Timothy Spall

    ---From The Criterion Collection

    (30:39) The Virgin Spring : Directed by Ingmar Bergman - Starring Max Von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg, Gunnel Lindblom

    ---From Mondo Macabro

    (32:25) Who Can Kill and Child? : Directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador - Starring Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome, Antonio Iranzo

    ---From RLJ Entertainment

    (34:03) Another WolfCop : Directed by Lowell Dean - Starring Leo Fafard, Yannick Bisson, Amy Matysio, Kevin Smith

    ---From Vega Baby

    (35:29) Big Legend : Directed by Justin Lee - Starring Kevin Makely, Todd A Robinson, Amanda Wyss, Adrienne Barbeau, Lance Henriksen

    ---From BBC

    (36:56) Doctor Who The Complete Tom Baker Season One Blu-ray Collection

    ---From Eone

    (38:21) The Jurassic Games : Directed by Ryan Bellgardt - Starring Ryan Merriman, Perrey Reeves, Adam Hampton, Kaie Burgess, Cate Jones

    (39:32) The Lullaby : Directed by Darrell Roodt - Starring Reine Swart, Brandon Auret, Thandi Puren

    ---From Troma

    (40:36) Spidarlings : Directed by Salem Kapsaski - Starring Sophia Disgrace, Rahel Kapsaski, Lee Mark Jones

    ---From SRS Cinema

    (42:00) House Shark : Directed by Ron Monk - Starring Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant, Wes Reid

    ---From WWMM

    (43:15) Die Gest Flesh Eater

    (All the Dvd's and Blu-rays I review in this update video are supplied to me free by the studios for review purposes. All the views and reviews are mine alone)

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