Blu-ray / Dvd Tuesday Shopping 2/27/18 : My Blu-ray Collection Series

  • Uploaded on 27 Feb 2018

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    A video showing myself going Blu-ray and Dvd shopping showing all the places I go to to get movies and what Dvds and Blu-rays I picked up. I also go out and look for all the retail exclusive editions of Disney Pixar's Coco such as the only at Target limited availability Coco edition which includes a 40 Page Filmmaker Gallery and Story Book. I also look for the only at Best Buy Coco Collectible Steelbook.

    I also check out all the new editions of Disney's Lady and the Tramp such as the only at Target Lady and the Tramp edition which includes a 32 page Storybook and the Only at Best Buy Lady and the Tramp limited edition Steelbook edition.

    I also go and check out the only at Best Buy limited edition Steelbook editions of Lara Croft Tomb Raider 4K Ultra Hd and Lara Croft Tomb Raider cradle of life.

    Some of this weeks new releases I check out today are Coco, Lady and the Tramp signature editions Blu-ray, Murder on the Orient Express, Darkest Hour, Just Getting Started, Straight Outta Compton 4K Ultra Hd, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Neighbor.

    I also give a mini movie reviews of Annihilation, Game Night and Every Day.

    --The Dvd I picked up today was:
    The Neighbor

    From Arrow Video

    (16:05) Godard + Gorin Five Films 1968-1971

    ----From Disney and Marvel Studios

    (17:15) Thor Ragnarok 4K Ultra Hd Cinematic Universe Edition

    ---From Liongate

    (19:31) The Sandman

    ---From Entertainment One / Momentum Pictures

    (21:24) Mom and Dad

    (23:07) Unhinged

    ---From BBC America

    (24:27) BBC Earth Blue Planet 2 4K Ultra HD

    ---From Cinedigm

    (26:10) Scorched Earth

    (27:31) Anne

    (28:41) Curse of the Mayans

    ---From BBC

    (29:58) Doctor Who The Complete Peter Capaldi Years Blu-ray Collection

    ---From Scream Team Releasing https://screamteamreleasing...

    (32:05) 10/31 Horror Movie Anthology

    ----From MVD Rewind Collection

    (34:12) Black Eagle

    ---From Mill Creek

    (36:15) 9 Lives Movie Collection

    (37:12) Lords of Dogtown

    (38:18) Hammer Double Feature Collection

    (39:07) Crossbow The Complete Series

    ----From MVD

    (40:09) Man from Earth Holocene

    ---From Left Films

    (41:23) Beyond the Woods

    ----From Umbrella Entertainment

    (42:59) Run, Chrissie, Run!

    (44:16) Rip Tide

    ----From PBS

    (44:37) Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking

    (All the Dvd's and Blu-rays I review in this update video are supplied to me free by the studios for review purposes. All the views and reviews are mine alone)

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