Avatar: A New Hope (Collab with THEREDSOXFAN18) [HD]

  • Uploaded on 26 Jul 2012


    P A R T S :
    0:00 - theredsoxfan18
    0:16 - MissDoonaQueen
    0:28 - theredsoxfan18
    0:44 - MissDoonaQueen
    0:59 - theredsoxfan18
    1:15 - MissDoonaQueen
    1:31 - theredsoxfan18
    1:46 - MissDoonaQueen
    2:00 - theredsoxfan18
    2:15 - MissDoonaQueen
    2:29 - theredsoxfan18
    2:44 - MissDoonaQueen

    I had a lot of fun with this one!!
    So (like everyone else) TheRedSoxFan18 was upset about missing out on a part in my recent MEPs, and on a spur of the moment, I offered to do a collab with them ^^

    And it gone done so quickly! It was actually me holding this up!! Like, they had all their parts done before I'd even started my first one O.o

    But yeah - stay tuned and subscribe to their channel - because they're going to upload a better version I'm sure, which will have cooler coloring added to it! :D
    And check out their other avatar videos while you're at it - they're gorgeous!! ♥

    I also just remembered where I'd heard this song from before!!
    Rei (16stolenxpaperthin) had done an AMV to this song, which is just mindblowing. Some of the best masking effects I have EVER seen. EVER.
    So I think you should all take this opportunity to go watch it now and show it some love if you haven't already!!
    And don't forget to subscribe ♥

    Anime: Avatar the Last Airbender
    Song: A New Hope - Broken Iris
    Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 11.0
    Date Completed: 26/07/12

    Channel MissDoonaQueen



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