911 Taboo - The WTC Plane Fraud (Full) - Genghis6199 - High Quality

  • Uploaded on 14 Okt 2016

    Attention: video has been aggressively removed on several platforms under copyright enforcement. See link below for full version with full audio.

    Full version of 911 Taboo, the documentary by genghis6199 that covers the basics of the 'no plane theory,' which asserts that no passenger planes hit the Twin Towers or Pentagon, while leaving open the possibility that winged missiles or other military-style craft (or perhaps most likely, nothing at all) did hit the buildings.

    Please note that parts of audio track were modified in order to prevent removal of this video. All versions of the video have been henceforth taken down for reasons related to the original audio track. Content is posted under fair use. The fully HD, unmodified version is available for download here:

    See also for streaming:

    For a more in-depth explanation of the evidence presented herein, see Morgan Reynolds's affidavit on the subject: https://morganreynolds.file...

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