4-Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

  • Uploaded on 5 Jul 2017

    How to lose belly fat and weight fast? An exhausting workout in the gym doesn’t suit everyone, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we have no time for it. Quick interval training is really effective. Try these five simple exercises that will take you just 5 minutes. You don’t even need a stopwatch – I’ll count for you so you can perform the whole set while watching the video.

    Exercise #1. Squats 0:47
    Exercise #2. Push-ups 2:23
    Exercise #3. Mountain climber 4:01
    Exercise #4. Lunges 5:03
    Exercise #5. Jumps 6:41

    Workout Plan
    Squats – 60 seconds
    Push-ups – 30 seconds
    Mountain climber – 30 seconds
    Lunges 60 – seconds
    Jumps 45 – seconds

    Keep performing this set of exercises every day (at home or in your backyard), and your body will transform within a month. You’ve already taken the first step towards your dream body.
    Have you ever tried these exercises before? How did they work for you? Share your experience in the comments below!

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