39-American TRUTH I explain the term (.medicated stupid)

  • Uploaded on 17 Mar 2016

    On this I use simple terms and logic and a dictionary to break it down to you. I know your medicated, and need help to save yourself. Sometimes it helps when its played out. I explain (medical) terms and more, I show you. I teach you why you cant use your skills. Then You get to hear a NURSE tell about her recent horrible event at a local hospital AFTER I had warned her. Now doesn’t it stand to reason if I warned her then it occurred then the same goes for you? And more. God helps those whom help themselves.
    my personal videos will shock and scare you,this is real life, this is happening and you don't see it.You too medicated to see. all these videos are connected in order to get the BIG PICTURE you have to start with dr's videos then go to them as they were loaded or numbered. If your medicated stupid like I WAS then you may not understand this. I will load all video's as I can to HELP YOU NOT SELF-TERMANATE ..I'm a dying ole lady and I wouldn't lie to you! There is a God in heaven and he wants you to know! A kay whitfield...facebook

    Channel a kay whitfield


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