10 Most Terrifying Insects In The World

  • Uploaded on 12 Jan 2019

    10 Most Terrifying Insects In The World
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    We humans have a tendency to think of ourselves as undeniably superior to the rest of the animal kingdom. We’ve selectively bred wolves into our most loyal companions, forced tigers to jump through literal hoops for our own amusement, and put the king of beasts on display. However, there are a few creepy crawlies that could really put the hurt in your afternoon, and if you see some of these, run fast and ask for help.

    Tsetse Flies
    If you’re like most people grinding away at a nine to five job, then you probably just want a little more time and a lot more sleep. But getting bitten by a tsetse fly isn’t the way to do it. Not only is this African insect the largest biting fly in its native habitat, it’s also a carrier of various diseases and parasites

    Driver Ants
    Driver ants are serious business and if you happen to see one of their nomadic columns pushing through the forest, you’re best to stay good and clear of it. While they aren’t known for passing diseases to humans, these ants

    Funnel Web Spiders
    Australia is home to some pretty gnarly creatures. From poisonous snakes to crocodiles, this place has its fair share of animals that can be fatal when encountered. But one of the creepiest has to be the funnel web spider. This two-inch-long, black bodied arachnid boasts one of the deadliest venoms in the spider kingdom.

    Brown Recluse Spider
    The next creature on our list is native to the South Eastern US and has a bite with some serious consequences. At only a quarter of an inch long, this contender is hardly bigger than a dime, but it packs a potent necrotic venom.

    Kissing Bug
    They might have a cute name, but kissing bugs are actually a species of nasty blood sucking insects. Yep, we were pretty horrified too, especially considering the fact that this vampire bug usually feeds off its victims while they’re sleeping.

    Anyone with a dog or cat has probably had these persistent little blood suckers invade their home at one point or another. Considering the fact that approximately sixty-eight percent of American households have some kind of pet, the odds are good that you’ve experienced this annoyance yourself.

    Bullet Ants
    Cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, erratic heart rhythms, and pain that ranks pretty much the highest an insect can inflict. If any of that sounds like something you’d rather avoid, then you’d do well to steer clear of the bullet ant.

    Alright, ticks are annoying, but are they really dangerous enough? By now you’ve guessed that the answer is yes. There are nearly nine hundred species of ticks worldwide and all that diversity brings a colorful variety of diseases.

    Fire Ants
    If you thought those tiny, black ants that invade your house every summer were a hassle, then you’ve clearly never seen a fire ant. Or more appropriately, you’ve never seen a swarm of fire ants. This highly aggressive and invasive species is usually more annoying than anything else.

    Giant Japanese Hornet
    Everybody knows hornets are jerks. Unlike the productive and mostly peaceful honey bee, hornets will attack without provocation. They do pollenate, but they don’t really produce honey, and the grand-daddy of them all is the Giant Japanese Hornet.

    Killer Bees
    Killer bees are infamous for attacking in swarms’ tens of thousands of members in size. Being attacked by these hyper aggressive creatures is said to be like something straight out of a horror film. Normally, a bee’s sting is nothing more than a warning, just a flash of pain meant to teach the target that messing with this hive is not something they want to be doing.

    Surely an ant with a bite that hits you like a bullet or a spider with muscle melting venom would take the title as the most dangerous creature right? Well mosquitoes can not only ruin your BBQ, but also ruin your life. You might know that mosquitoes can carry West Nile Virus, but few realize that these pesky insects end the lives of more than 725,000 people a year, and there are more than 3000 species of these little bloodsuckers.

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