10 Famous Actors Who REALLY Aren’t Aging Well

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    Mickey Rourke has always been a fine actor, but back in the 1980s, he was also a bonafide heart throb. His suave turn in Angel Heart was a particular high point, with Rourke perfectly cast as the film’s handsome, hard-boiled detective protagonist.
    It was only when his career suffered a downturn that things began to change, and a lot of that was down to Rourke’s other passion: boxing. He fought eight professional bouts during his time in the ring, winning six times and scoring four knockouts along the way. Unfortunately, Rourke also suffered his fair share of injuries; he broke his nose a few times and suffered a cracked cheekbone. In an attempt to mend the wreckage, Rourke underwent repeated plastic surgeries. It didn’t exactly go to plan, though.

    In her prime, Goldie Hawn represented one of the most stunning women in all of Hollywood. She was also a fine actress to boot, having won an Academy Award for her work on 1969’s Cactus Flower. Hawn had looked on course to grow old with grace too. In the 1990s and early 2000s she was still a very attractive older woman, who wouldn’t have looked out of place as Stifler’s Mom in any of the American Pie movies (easy guys, we know that’s Jennifer Coolidge’s territory).
    At some point, however, it feels like a combination of Hawn’s advancing years and some possible plastic surgery saw things take a turn for the worse. Hawn, to her credit, has never denied going under the knife. No one knows for sure what she has had done, but if Botox is involved or she has indeed had a facelift, then she may want to speak to her surgeon about their refund policy.

    Val Kilmer was one of the best-looking actors on the planet in the '80s and '90s. From his super cool performance as Iceman in Top Gun through to fine turns in Tombstone, Heat, and Batman Forever, few could argue that Kilmer wasn’t both easy on the eyes and a great actor to boot.
    But Kilmer had a reputation for being difficult too, and as time went on and his looks began to fade, so too did the big movie offers. Now a lot older and a whole lot less photogenic, Kilmer has gained and lost weight at an alarming rate in more recent years. There could be more to that than one too many puddings though; Kilmer has dealt with undisclosed health issues in the past few years. In January 2016, he was hospitalized and underwent tests with worries about his health persisting.

    When Harry Met Sally may have established Meg Ryan as the go-to star for anyone seeking a female lead for their next big romantic comedy, but there were plenty of other roles that showcased her true abilities as an actress. Films like When A Man Loves A Woman and Courage Under Fire showed another side to the image of Ryan as America’s sweetheart, and proved she was so much more than just another pretty face in Hollywood.
    All of which makes it so sad that Ryan appears to be desperately battling against the aging process. The actress has been accused of having undergone several cosmetic procedures in recent years, with Ryan sporting noticeably plumper lips and a line-free visage at several events. Now found largely away from the big screen, Ryan released her directorial debut Ithaca in 2016, but could have gone on to even bigger, meatier, movie roles had she steered clear of the knife.

    As Chandler on Friends, Matthew Perry projected a suave confidence few could match. His character was funny and charming, while Perry himself was undeniably good looking. But behind the scenes and beneath the façade, Perry was experiencing his fair share of issues.
    In 1997, he completed a 28-day program to combat Vicodin addiction, and in the years that followed, his weight fluctuated wildly while filming Friends. At one point, he dropped down to 145 pounds, and things worsened in 2000 when a bout of pancreatitis saw him shed a further 20 pounds. In 2001, he went back into rehab, having had issues with opioids, amphetamines, and alcohol. Though he’s not quite the same Chandler Bing fans fell in love with all those years ago, the reality is that Perry is sober and probably lucky to be alive.

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