[Sims 3] Merlin 6: Kingdom Come | Ep. 1: Rise and Shine | Full Episode [Subtitles]

  • Uploaded on 29 Apr 2018

    Merlin VI: Kingdom come: Episode 1: Rise and Shine
    Full Episode without interruptions between the scenes.
    Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (equivalent of two episodes and a half)
    Enjoy! :)

    Thanks to all my subscribers for following me and supporting me in this project.

    And especially big thanks to the whole team of Merlin VI: Kingdom come, who did a great job, and allowed me to animate their script in video. And big thanks for all their encouragement and support. :) You are great!


    This is a video to illustrate the script "Merlin 6: Kingdom Come" written by a team of writers who wrote a wonderful sequel to the Merlin series, here the link of their site web and their script: http://merlin6kingdomcome.t...
    I performed it with the help of the Sims 3, create by my knowledge and my graphics capabilities in this game and with the help of the script that I tried to respect the most possible.
    In no case the text and subtitles come from me. I illustrated only for pleasure and entertainment for fans of the series and of this story.

    The logo are the property of the BBC's Merlin and the writers of Merlin6: KingdomCome.

    The sound effects used in this video are free items taken from this site web: http://www.universal-soundb...
    This site web:
    And this site web:

    All credits of sounds and music are displayed in the end credits of episode.


    The universes and characters are the property of their respective creators and producers.
    They are used here solely for entertainment purposes and I don't take any profits or gain. All rights reserved.


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