[Full Movie] 欲望保姆 The Housemaid, Eng Sub | 剧情片 Drama, 1080P

  • Uploaded on 5 Jun 2019

    Plot Summary: The Housemaid tells us about a girl, Zhang Pan, who comes to Beijing from a small city with a big city dream. But she has to start with the lowest job as a housemaid. In a Mr. Wang's House, she is lured to wear hot suits to work with more tips. she want to resist but the difficulties of family makes her no choice. Her younger brother came to her and saw his sister's living skills in Beijing...

    故事简介: 电影《欲望保姆 The Housemaid》讲述 张盼怀揣着对城市生活的憧憬,从一个三线城市只身来到北京闯荡,找不到好的工作,就从最底层的保姆干起。然而在房东一次次催缴房租的电话中,张盼感到了前所未有的绝望。望着自己这个不足二十平米的地下室,她留下了眼泪,决定踏上另一条路。家里的弟弟来投奔她,透过那道门缝,他看到了姐姐在北京生存的技能……本片或译《Desire of A Housemaid》《Yu Wang Bao Mu》《Grotesque》.

    出品 Produced: 云端传媒 Cloud Happy Media
    导演 Director: 偲偲 Si Si
    主演 Starring: 刘婕然 Liu Jieran, 于斌 Yu Bing, 申鑫 Shen Xin
    题材 Feature: 剧情 #Drama, 情感 Romance

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