[1080p] David Lynch - Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (1995)

  • Uploaded on 6 Jan 2015

    Blu-Ray Rip - Also known as "Monday Morning" and "Lumiere"

    Policemen find the body of a boy, lying dead in a field. A woman waits at home. A garden tableau of three beautiful women stir. Strange men in overalls walk through a factory as a naked women is trapped in a water tank. The police arrive at a home with news for the woman waiting earlier.

    "Premonitions Following an Evil Deed" is a part of the film Lumiere and Company. For the 100 year anniversary of the Lumiere camera, forty directors made one minute film segments using an original restored Lumiere camera. The ground rules were rigidly enforced: a continuous shot to be captured in a maximum of three attempts, no artificial light sources, no synch sound, and that this shot last a maximum of 55 seconds (the length of one reel of film for the camera). Lynch's short cost around $6000 to film and involved several different location changes. He skirted the rules by using his allowed three takes to close the shutter on the camera and move to a different set, thus creating the appearance of five different locations edited together.


    Producer: Neal Edelstein
    Director: David Lynch
    Cinematography: Peter Deming
    Wardrobe: Patricia Norris


    Jeff Alperi, Mark Wood, Stan Lothridge

    Dead Son:
    Russ Pearlman

    Pam Pierrocish

    Clyde Small

    Joan Rurdlestein, Michele Carlyle, Kathleen Raymond

    Woman in Tank:
    Dawn Salcedo

    Channel 2worldsaway


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