आखिर Pluto को एक planet क्यों नहीं माना जाता?|Why pluto is not considered as a planet?| Pluto का सच

  • Uploaded on 19 Jun 2019

    आखिर Pluto को एक planet क्यों नहीं माना जाता?|Why pluto is not considered as a planet?| Pluto का सच
    Pluto is dwarf planet but before 2005 we concider the pluto as a planet. But in schools we are tought that there is 9 planet in our solar system. So some people still confused about is pluto is a planet or not or about why is pluto is not considered as a planet. Have you thought of it what really happen with pluto so why it is not considered as plant anymore. This all begins when Pluto is considered as the 9th planet of our solar system and it is conciders as a plant for 79 years.But discovery of eris and Kuiper belt and asteroid belt large objects put a question on the possibity of the pluto as a planet. Because if pluto is a planet then eris and plutos moon charon are also to to be considered as planet. Due to this scientist have to change the definition of the planet and they divide solar system objects into three categories after which the pluto is concidered as a dwarf planet. But to get the real answer why pluto is not considered as a plant and to get to know the answer of your question like what are the reasons why pluto is not a planet any more or why pluto is not a planet and is pluto is a planet again?, you have to watch this video till the end and answer to your all questions is definitely is in this video.
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