पीपल का भूत । bhoot ki sacchi kahani। Haunted Ghost on Peepal tree | A haunted Story | Dar ki kahani

  • Uploaded on 26 Mei 2018

    नमस्कार दोस्तों आपने ऐसी भूतिया कहानी कभी नहीं देखी होगी ..पसंद आये तो वीडियो को like ज़रूर करे .

    Hello guys, you have never seen such a ghostly story. If you like it, then definitely like the video.
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    पीपल का भूत । एक भूतिया सच्ची कहानी । Haunted Ghost on Peepal tree | A haunted Story | Dar ki kahani | Aaj tak ki sabse darawani ghtna

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    Our purpose is not to promote any kind of wrong feeling.
    This video is just made for the purpose of entertainment.
    Its purpose is not to hurt anyone's feelings.

    हमारा उद्देश्य किसी भी तरह की गलत भावना को बढ़ावा देना नहीं है |
    यह वीडियो बस मनोरंजन के उद्देध्य से बनाया है |
    इसका उद्देश्य किसी की भावना को आहत करना नहीं है|

    This channel is ment for purely entertainment based on horror Stories.
    Here a storyteller tells many more heart shevering fearful stories.
    It is said that fear is nowhere in the world but it is in the heart of the person..When it comes then it comes..
    *if this story found any similarity with any incident then it is called only a coincident.
    -All the characters in this video are fictitious any resemblence to those who are living or dead is purely co-incidental.

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